Facebook Fans Share Fun Learning Strategies for the Last Few Weeks of Summer


School’s out. No more early alarm clocks, lunches packed, and pop quizzes. It doesn’t mean that learning is over. Summer learning can be fun and easy for your children. They can play pick-up games with neighbors or have Barbie swimming parties. Your kids will not only learn about the world but also get up to speed faster when school starts again. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Playing is a great way to learn. Facebook user Janelle C. writes: “I let my kids play and expose them fun summertime adventures.” Children are naturally curious and love to ask questions. Time for games, hobbies, and imaginative play. Use the Internet or your library to answer big questions such as “How do ants make an anthill?” or “How do planes stay in flight?”
  • Children of all ages can learn by doing. They will enjoy helping you make lasagna or muffins as a snack, and they will also be learning about fractions, numbers, and nutrition. What’s this for brain food, then? They will also benefit from simple home projects and gardening.
  • Learn while on the road. A Facebook user, Jody G. D., recommends that parents try “Lots” of educational vacation activities. Learn American History and Science by visiting real places! Kid-friendly history, art, and science activities will get your children interested in learning. Some are free.
  • Make library visits a regular tradition. Encourage readers, track their progress, and swap books using a summer program. Find books and magazines that interest your child. Help her set goals for reading.
  • “Backyard theatre!” writes Lisa V.d.B. “I encourage [my daughter] to perform plays in front of her friends, and we watch them.” She loves it, and so do we.
  • Start a summertime business. Your kids will learn about the basics of dog washing, selling lemonade, or being a mom’s assistant (plus marketing, advertising, and planning), as well as money management when deciding whether to buy candy or save their earnings for a new game.
  • Workbooks are a great way to keep your children on track in subjects they may struggle with in the new school year. Anna M. said, “I bought a workbook for summer and my school-ager must do two pages a day.” She keeps her son interested using a When Then Routine to ensure that he finishes his work prior to his television time.
  • Use online education for kids. “My kids are learning their letters, sight words and keyboarding at www.discoverykids.com/puterbugs,” Facebook fan Laura S. told us. If it means more computer time, your kids will learn.

These tips will help your children have fun and learn at the same.

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