Ideal Reasons Why Your Child Needs Enough Sleep Everyday


While we all know that sleep is essential for the human body, especially for children, we fail to know the main reasons why such a notion is prevalent. The significance of sleep cannot be understated because sleep deprivation can lead to many damaging effects on human beings. And for children, sleep deprivation can lead to even higher consequences. Thus, parents need to understand the reason why consistent bedtimes matter for children. 

To help you know more about why your child needs enough sleep every day, we have rounded up some of the major reasons that you should go through in this comprehensive guide.

Reasons Why Children Need Enough Sleep Each Day

  1. Gives The Body A Much-Needed Break

According to professional child care centres in Melbourne, sleep is like having a daily spa for your child’s body. It’s a way for the human body to rebuild muscles, rejuvenate cells and thereby restore the mind. Without proper sleep, the human body will not have the downtime it requires to keep itself agile & active for extended periods. 

  1. Helps In De-Cluttering The Brain

While there’s so much yet to learn about the human brain and what happens in it during sleep, enough reports showcase that the brain helps in storing information & memories during sleep. So, without enough sleep, your child’s brain will remain a disorganised, cluttered mess. 

  1. Helps In Regulating Emotions

If your child doesn’t get enough sleep every day, then he or she might not be at the best of his or her emotions. When your child will be overtired, it will become difficult for him or her to control emotions and thereby make him or her grumpy or irritable when performing even the simplest of activities.

  1. Allows The Body To Grow

While there’s no viable proof that sleep deprivation leads to stunted growth in children, there’s a relationship between the release of growth hormones and sleep. When your child gets enough sleep throughout the day, it ensures that your child’s body is producing the correct amount of chemicals & hormones, so that your child can grow & become stronger. 

  1. Helps In Building Resistance

When your child gets enough sleep, his or her immune system gets boosted. However, not getting enough sleep can reduce the overall count of white blood cells in your child’s body by almost 20 per cent. Such a problem can be quite devastating, especially during the cold & flu season. 

  1. Protects Mental Health

Recent reports have suggested that there’s a deep relationship between persistent sleep problems and health issues such as anxiety disorders, depression and even stress. So, if you want your child to remain happy and stress-free, you need to make sure that they get the correct amount of sleep every day.

  1. Helps In Being Healthy

If your child has been gaining weight recently, then it could be because he or she is not getting the required amount of sleep every day. However, by avoiding sleep deprivation, you can expect your child to stay perfectly healthy

How Much Sleep Does Your Child Need Everyday?

According to sleep experts, your child needs at least 11 -14 hours of sleep every day. The time includes night time as well as daytime sleep. 

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