Ardlie Street, Westmeadows


You will be enveloped in a charming historic charm, mystery, and atmosphere where your imagination is the only limit. Many options for repurposing the property include a hotel-motel or supermarket, child or elderly care, airport parking, offices, and residential, religious, leisure, recreational, and industrial facilities. This is subject to Heritage Victoria’s approval.

This remarkable heritage-listed building survived 153 years of use with many extensions. It was initially the Broadmeadows District Roads Board and Shire Hall. The building was built in C.1866. The original and striking bluestone structure features a stunning veranda and slate roofing, as well as unique granite feature stones that alternate within the steep east-facing windowsills, roof, and front door. The brick extension evokes the Federation era’s sun-ray timber fretwork and a rear weatherboard addend that conjures images of residential repurposing.

Once you cross the bridge, you’ll forget all the noise and hustle of the city. This residence magically transports to a peaceful area of Melbourne reminiscent of its rural roots. This is the perfect place for those looking for a quiet country estate close to the city. Restore and revitalize timber floorboards. You will find beautiful ceilings made of pressed metal, timber paneling, wallpapered finishes, picture frames, French doors, long hallways, and a butler’s pantry. Grand entertaining spaces, bedrooms, a brick-floored laundry, and a tiny timber room also exist. A relict old outbuilding is slanted to one side but retains its original timber roof. It also includes a carport, workshop, or shed. A fence may have once been used to house chickens or vegetables. The garden offers a lot of space for you to build your dream.

This property requires a complete restoration subject to Heritage Victoria approval. It has an exceptional land holding of 2,226m2 with a flexible floor plan ideal for residential or commercial accommodation. It is ideally located near a romantic stone bridge, Westmeadows Community Centre, shopping precinct, Tavern, bus stop, schools, Moone Ponds Creek Trail Trail, reserves, and major arterial roads.

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