Georges Hall Liverpool Weddings


Popular venue in Liverpool for St Georges Hall Weddings

Pixsmiths has covered many weddings in this area over the years. More are booked for 2020.

We have some tips and information regarding your Liverpool registry wedding at St George’s Hall. Also, which room might be best suited for you?

St Georges Hall, a Grade I listed building located in the heart of Liverpool city center, is a landmark. This is a fine example of neoclassical architecture at its best.

It has hosted many historical events, including the Beatles and the homecoming of the city’s football team after league or cup wins.

It is home to many firsts:

First commercial building with air conditioning

The most enormous barrel-vaulted ceiling, built when it was first constructed

The largest piped concert organ of its kind in the world.

A stunning mosaic floor made of Minton tiles, with over 30,000 tiles, is also available. It was uncovered only for a handful of special events and dates.

It is a sight to behold when it is on display.

It is home to the Liverpool registrars.

This was the location of the first registry wedding in February 2012.

Unsurprisingly, it is a popular spot to get married in the center of town.

If you want a simple wedding, move to a hotel or restaurant in the city center for your reception.

Choosing your Ceremony room

Many options are available, so it is essential to consider the location for your ceremony.

Ensure your guests know where the room is and how to get there. We often have guests who need clarification and ask which side or way to go.

Particularly on Saturdays, when multiple weddings can be held at once.

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