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Preschool is an exciting milestone, often greeted with joy and excitement but also with lots and lots of uncertainty and crying. The main reason children are anxious about starting preschool is uncertainty. Children have already spent the first two to three years learning the routines and rules of their family and are now entirely new to the new regulations and practices they will encounter. Parents worry that their children will be abandoned. This is the primary source of separation anxiety.

Be Consistent

Parents may be concerned if their child has an adverse reaction to preschool. They might decide that they are not ready. Consistency is the key to making preschool a regular part of your child’s daily routine. Your child will feel excited if you are there together regularly.

So that your child understands what to expect but does not prolong your departure, keep your goodbyes brief and sweet. Reaffirm your promise to return when you pick them up at night. So it won’t feel as though you are both grieving and saying goodbye to each other every day.

Comfort Object

To ease separation anxiety and to reassure your child, you might consider bringing a small reminder of home to preschool. Photos of your family and other items from home could be one example.

Children can feel secure in unfamiliar environments by having comfortable objects.

Starting preschool checklist:

Learn more about preschool.

Play pretend to get ideas for starting preschool

Look at the photos of the building and staff members with your child.

Listen to your child’s anxieties and fears.

The week before preschool:

Purchase a new bag/rucksack. Let them choose it.

All items should be labeled (bags, clothes, water bottles, lunch boxes, bags, shoes, slippers, etc.).

Talk about preschool routines

Establish a bedtime routine

The night before preschool:

Last-minute questions answered

Your child can choose their clothes for the first day

Take your child’s bag with you

If your child is interested, don’t be too focused on the first day.

On the first day of

You don’t need to wake up too early to make it to preschool on time.

Enjoy a relaxing breakfast with your friends

Be upbeat.

Remember your comforter!

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